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For Hire


The Hip Op-eration Crew are available for hire anywhere in the world. 

You can have the Crew perform at an event, teach your audience how to dance hip hop, do Web Talks, endorse and/or act as ambassadors for a product or service, feature as talent in advertising campaigns or have their manager Billie Jordan deliver an inspirational speech followed by a performance by the dance group.


The group are also an ideal entertainment and workshop package for conferences and team building events. They can run workshops on themes from overcoming obstacles and working as a team, to challenging boundaries, thinking big and making goals happen.


All seven members of The Hip Op-eration Crew come with their own travel and health insurance and are fit and healthy and able to travel to any destination in the world. They will be accompanied by their manager Billie Jordan who will liaise with you to make all the arrangements.


In addition, the music The Hip Op-eration Crew dance to has been privately commissioned and is owned by the crew so their performances can be recorded and/or broadcast anywhere in the world, and by anyone, without the need for special copyright licences. 


The crew just need a flat space measuring no less than 4 metres by 4 metres to perform on. They can bring their own powerful portable stereo with them (no need for electricity).

If you would like to hire The Hip Op-eration Crew in any capacity, please contact the Manager, Billie Jordan on