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To view international television, print, magazine, radio and internet news stories about The Hip Op-eration Crew, please do a search on Google or scroll down through our Facebook Page.


The Hip Op-eration Crew have been featured in the following news media:-

  • Front page of the Wall Street Journal
  • Michael and Kelly Show, USA
  • Huffington Post
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Irish Examiner
  • Upworthy
  • BBC Television
  • BBC Radio
  • Sunday Night Programme, Austrailia
  • Dateline
  • Fox News, USA
  • Ruptly News Agency Europe
  • Associated Press, World
  • Telegraph, UK
  • Breakfast New Zealand
  • Today Australia
  • Chinese Television, China
  • CCTVA, Africa
  • Jay Thomas Show, USA
  • Las Vegas Sun, USA
  • TVNZ, New Zealand
  • TV3, New Zealand
  • Channel 7, Australia
  • Channel 9, Australia
  • Radio New Zealand
  • ABC Australia
  • France International Courier
  • Womens Weekly
  • Lucky Break Magazine
  • Dance Connect
  • Taipei Prime Time News, Taiwan
  • lots more from Israel and Amsterdam to Sweden and Greece.